About PD Moreno

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Who is P.D. MORENO™

P.D. MORENO is two creative people (P.D. & Moreno) who joined their talents to create sensational artwork that has an international and mass appeal. Each person, one Italian and one American, brings a unique style and experience to the creative process that allows them to reach artistic heights that put them above the competition.

PD & Moreno
Tiger Canvas Print

The P.D. Moreno Portfolio

P.D. MORENO™ offers a vast spectrum of art mediums…Illustration, Fine Art, Characters, Portrait, Comics, Caricatures, Watercolor, Cartoons, Sculpture, Oil, Acrylic, Pencil, Digital and more. P.D. MORENO™ has an artistic style that crosses multiple genres of art, such as, CONTEMPORARY, VINTAGE, TRADITIONAL, ABSTRACT, MODERN, etc..

The P.D. MORENO™ portfolio consists of all types of animals, domestic and wild. To name a few, Dogs (Puppies), Cats (Kittens), Horses, Giraffes, Sleuths, Tigers, Elephants, Zebras, Pink Flamingos, Llamas, Monkeys, Pigs, Penguins, Beluga Whales, and lots more! We are always striving to bolster our portfolio and would love to hear any potential design ideas!

P.D. MORENO™…Where Creativity Begins and Never Ends.